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vincit qui se vincit
He conquers who conquers himself

In 295 BC in Rome the venerable Quintus Fabius Maximus Rullianus is a kind of living monument. He has been consul four times and four times he has assiduously carried out the duties that the Republic has requested of him. Now the Senate has put him in charge again so he can lead the fight against an even more serious threat. The Samnites, Etruscans, Senone Gauls and Umbrians have formed a coalition and are joining forces and creating a huge army in order to capture Rome and wipe it off the face of the Earth.

Rullianus accepts the role on one condition: that the role of Consul is given to Publius Decius Mus, a valiant soldier who has already held this post three times. Mus is the son of a hero who martyred himself with a devotio, an extreme sacrifice, against the Latins in order to save the Republic, which now regards him as one of its most glorious heroes.

The two Consuls organise the legions with the aim of intercepting the armies of the four populations that are joining forces. Thanks to their brilliance, the Etruscans and the Umbrians will not come face to face with their destiny, but on the plains of Sentinum the ferocious Gauls and the indomitable Samnites have managed to join forces and await the arrival of the legions.

Quintus Fabius Maximus Rullianus takes command on the right of the formation and Publius Decius Mus positions himself on the left, keen to emulate his father’s honour. He knows that he is about to meet his destiny and he will do anything to leave an indelible mark during what history will recall as the “Battle of Sentinum”.