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Vivere tota vita discendum est et, quod magis fortasse miraberis, tota vita discendum est mori.

For your whole lifetime you have to learn how to live, and, what maybe will surprise you even more, for your whole lifetime you have to learn how to die.
Lucio Anneo Seneca 

In September 46 B.C., Gaius Julius Caesar crosses Rome in triumph: the general is back from his great victory over the Gauls. Among the ranks of his soldiers, chained like a beast, walks Vercingetorix: the man who had unified Gaul against Rome is now exposed to the public mockery of his enemies.

The barbarian leader is dragged by the centurion Publius Sestius Baculus, the man who for six long years had the task of watching over this important prisoner so that he would reach Caesar’s triumph alive. No Roman knew Vercingetorix as well as Baculus.

Through their enforced closeness in the Mamertine Prison, these two enemies created a relationship that went beyond war and the divisions it entails. Now, during that triumph, they understand that everything they have experienced culminates in that moment, and that the value of a friendship born in the fire of the battle can be greater than that of life itself.

Newton Compton Editori – January 2022
ISBN: 9788822760593 – 512 Pages